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Muscle Protocol+ - Magnesium Balance, Vitamin D-K2 Balance & Mitochondria Balance - Bioavailable Capsules for Optimal Muscle Function, Bone Health, Stress Relief, and Sleep

The real therapeutic potential of our Muscle Protocol+ is experienced when each supplement is taken together as they each address a key component of the chronic pain cycle.

Together they increase magnesium levels which is essential for muscle and nerve function, regulate calcium levels and re-ignite the production of life-giving energy into cells.

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The Power of Combination

Each and every protocol we create combines the highest quality supplemental nutrients to increase the absorption rate of our products, improve the value of each individual ingredient, and expand the benefits of products to help our customers overcome the symptoms caused by their chronic stress conditions.

The Pain-Free Protocol

Vitamin D-K2 Balanceis designed to address the misdirection of calcium in the body in order to regulate calcium absorption, improve overall function of the calcium nutrient in relation to our whole body systems and to aid in the elimination of calcium from our bodies once effectively delivered.

Mitochondria Balanceis designed to help improve the mitochondria function in the body, providing more fuel for energy production, protecting their delicate structures from excessive damage and even supporting the formation of new mitochondria to help reduce inflammation, restore nerve cell function and reduce oxidative stress.

Magnesium Balance contains magnesium glycinate and malate in combination to support healthy muscle function. Integrating two highly absorbable forms of magnesium with Vitamin B6 and Zinc in order to help with muscle recovery, muscle growth, calcium absorption and cellular regeneration.

Why Take The Muscle Protocol+?

Magnesium Balance, D-K2 Balance, and Mitochondrial Balance are all formulated to serve specific purposes by providing highly bioavailable nutrients that are frequently lacking in western society. Each of these formulas have been designed to offer synergistic benefits when combined together, and all have different but equally important ways of improving our muscle health. 

The true power of the Muscle Protocol + is in the combination that provides your muscles the tool kit they need to enhance fuel production and utilization, balance muscle contraction with relaxation, minimize production of harmful oxidizing molecules, and optimize bone health.