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Brain Protocol+ - Neuro Calm, Vital Mind & Magnesium Balance for Optimal Cognitive Health, Mood Balance, & Brain Function

Feel Your Best & Improve Your Mental Performance

Designed to create a relaxed mental state for optimal performance throughout the day. This combination is designed to harmonize the rise and fall of alertness, focus, and calm states throughout the day by providing all the building blocks for neural signalling. Experience high energy output throughout the day with a calm, relaxed state for optimal relaxation and sleep at night.

This protocol is designed for the high-functioning adult looking to maintain an elevated level of mental performance throughout the day, while also benefitting from a calm, balanced mood and better sleep.

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Why Take The Brain Protocol+?

Neuro Calm & Vital Mind work together to provide a balanced and complete approach to brain health and function. Neuro Calm provides support for the calming neurotransmitters (Glycine, GABA), while Vital Mind provides the building blocks for all of our major wakefulness transmitters (Dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine).

By taking Vital Mind, you are supplying your system with these critical precursors in appropriate ratios to increase alertness, focus, motivation, stress management, and memory, all while working to create a balanced mood throughout the day.

Neuro Calm helps support improvement in visual processing, learning rate, memory formation, information retention and mental performance. In addition, this formulation could be helpful with anxiety and depression, providing fast-acting, temporary relief from feelings of tension, stress and anxiety.

Together these supplements, acting as the yin and yang, are designed to harmonize the rise and fall of alertness, focus, and calm states throughout the day by providing all of the building blocks needed for neuronal signalling.

The addition of Magnesium Balance in this protocol takes it to the next level. Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical processes in the body, making it vital in almost every organ system. Zinc has been shown in studies to have a small but positive influence on improvements in the mood state. Vitamin B6 in the form of P5P is 5x more absorbable than standard B6, and evidence suggests it helps magnesium and zinc be absorbed into the cells where it is needed most.

Improved Mental Performance

Helps Support Improvement in:

• Visual Processing

• Learning Rate

• Memory Formation

• Information Retention

• Focus

• Motivation

Feel Your Best

Experience improved well-being:

• Stress management

• Mood Balance

• Energy Levels

• Quality of sleep