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Magnesium Balance

The Importance of Magnesium Supplementation

In a perfect world, we would get all of the magnesium our bodies need from our food. In reality, a gradual depletion of our soil through modern agricultural practices means that most of the food we eat today contains very little magnesium, which is why there is a need to supplement with magnesium daily to maintain optimal levels of this important nutrient.

Our balanced Magnesium formula combines both magnesium glycinate and malate to raise magnesium levels and support healthy muscle function. We integrate our two highly absorbable forms of magnesium with Vitamin B6 and Zinc in order to help with muscle recovery, muscle growth, calcium absorption and cellular regeneration, creating the perfect formulation for optimal magnesium digestion.

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Magnesium Deficiency In The Modern World

Today, more than 80% of North Americans do not consume the minimum daily recommended amounts of magnesium, and our stress-filled lives leave many of us severely deficient. High consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar, processed foods and prescription drugs deplete our already low magnesium levels, which is why it is important in today's modern world to supplement magnesium in your diet to ensure that your body has enough of this essential mineral to maintain optimal health.

Symptoms of Deficiency

It’s not just muscles that are affected by low magnesium levels, we experience the symptoms of magnesium deficiency in many different ways including:

• Difficulty sleeping

• Restless legs

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Irritability

• Nervousness

• Headaches

• Fatigue

• High blood pressure

• Abnormal heartbeat

• Poor memory

Why Take Magnesium Balance?

Our Magnesium Balance combines both magnesium glycinate and malate to raise magnesium levels and support healthy muscle function. These two compounds are chelated forms of magnesium which bind to amino acids helping your bones and tissues absorb the nutrients 26% more effectively than lesser forms of magnesium like magnesium oxide. Magnesium glycinate contains the amino acids glycine which has a calming effect on your muscles and nerves, while magnesium malate helps muscles produce energy.

We pair these two powerful forms of magnesium with Vitamin B6 P5P which is 5x more absorbable than standard B6 and helps your body absorb magnesium into the specific cells in your body that need it most. We add Zinc as a key ingredient to aid in protein synthesis, which helps your body recover muscle and grow muscle more effectively, while aiding in calcium absorption in your bones.

The combination of these powerful nutrients is why the Magnesium Balance is unlike any other Magnesium formulation on the market, expertly designed to aid in the absorption of magnesium across all major systems in your body and perfectly suited as a foundation in for the maintenance of true health.

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