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Which True Protocols supplements do you use?

"Magnesium Balance, Vitamin D-K2, Mitochondria Balance, Neuro Calm"

Why did you choose those supplements? 

"The Magnesium Balance was suggested to me at the health food store, so I tried it and found it to be the best one by far.

The Vitamin D-K2 I noticed when looking for vitamin D supplement, I liked that it works with the Magnesium Balance.

The Mitochondria Balance was suggested to me by a friend.

Neuro Calm I discovered on your website."

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with True Protocols supplements? How were these problem(s) affecting you and your life? 

"Mostly nerves/anxiety, trouble sleeping and low energy. When I don’t get enough/proper sleep it’s hard to function properly."

How long have you been using True Protocols supplements? 

"Magnesium Balance - a couple of years, Vitamin D-K2 - a year, Mitochondria Balance and Neuro Calm - 3 months"

Were you using any supplements prior to trying True Protocols? 

"Yes, other magnesium and vitamin D products, as well as a whole food multi-vitamin and vitamin C."

What made you decide to change? And why did you decide to try True Protocols over other options? 

The best results I have had with any magnesium product, and I have tried many over the years, is True Protocols Magnesium Balance. I was interested in trying the other True Protocols supplements based on how pleased I am with the magnesium.

Neuro Calm supplement

Why have you continued to use True Protocols supplements? 

Because they WORK!

How have True Protocols supplements helped you? 

Balance, it’s all about staying in balance. I sleep much better and function better during the day.

How did you hear about True Protocols? 

Health food store/friends/website