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True Health Potential

What is your true health potential?

To answer this question, we need to first define  true health.

We view true health as  life actualized. It’s a self-regulated, self-administered lifestyle, and it’s accessible to everyone. It’s about discovering new states of health by activating old and new paradigms of regeneration and healing.

True Health is based on true science. True science takes first principle thinking (an act of boiling a process down to the fundamental parts), and then rigorously testing those assumptions for the purpose of discovering truth. This requires openness and curiosity and a willingness to discard beliefs when reality doesn’t support them.

True Health requires self-ownership.We must be our own guides. Knowledge is necessary, but not sufficient for true health.  For knowledge to be effective in creating true health, there must be a willingness to own our lives and not just look to experts for answers, but also to look within ourselves. Insight, when inspired by the quest for truth, creates the potential for transformation. 

True Health is “wholism”.The word healing derives from an ancient origin, meaning “whole”. To heal is to become whole. The modern view of health takes an almost exclusively biological view of health. This approach operates with the assumption that body and mind are separable from one another. The truth is that no disease has a single cause - healing is a phenomenon of finding balance and harmony within ourselves.

True Health is our birthright.We did not come into this world to live in dis-ease. We are born with tremendous latent potential - our bodies and minds are capable of great feats, and this untapped potential is available to all of us. When we understand all of the important determinants of health, we are able to live in ways that allow us access to our innate abilities to heal.

Your True Health Potential is the achievement of your full potential. The possibilities within all of us are endless, and by continually striving to reach new states of being, we can unleash our full creativity, independence, spontaneity, and understanding to create a lasting impact on the world around us.

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