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The Mind-Blowing Effectiveness of Vitamin D In Reducing Covid-19 Infections

Vitamin D is critical for effective T-cell immune responses against many viruses, including Covid-19

A recent study in Nature, shows that Vitamin D can reduce the chances of being infected with Covid-19 by up to 28%, and dying by up to 33%.

In this study, researchers looked at the association between vitamin D supplementation and mortality. Previous studies had shown that vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of of Infection with Covid-19, however it wasn't known if Vitamin D could be given as a treatment for infection (the focus of this study). 

What did they find?

The findings were interesting, to say the least.

  • Mortality within 30-days of COVID-19 infection was similarly 33% lower with Vitamin D3 and 25% lower with D2.
  • They found that after controlling for vitamin D blood levels, veterans receiving higher dosages of Vitamin D obtained greater benefits from supplementation than veterans receiving lower dosages.
  • Veterans with Vitamin D blood levels between 0 and 19 ng/ml exhibited the largest decrease in COVID-19 infection following supplementation. Which is to say, those with the lowest Vitamin D levels had the best outcome following supplementation.
  • Black veterans received greater associated COVID-19 risk reductions with supplementation than White veterans. We know that people with more melanin in their skin (brown and black people), especially those living in the northern hemisphere, as well as seniors and people with chronic illness are at an increased risk of Vitamin D deficiency.

It is unfortunate that so many expert voices were so wrong over the last few years.

During the pandemic, you never (or at least rarely) heard the mainstream media, public health officials or medical practitioners talk about the relationship between Vitamin D and preventing or treating covid. In fact, you often had trusted sources say that Vitamin D does nothing, no matter what dose you take.

It's sad to think about how many lives could have been saved had governments simply mailed out inexpensive vitamin D to their citizens. In fact, it's possible to even quantify this to certain degree, based on this study.

In the United States, at least 116,000 deaths could have been prevented had more Americans been told to take therapeutic doses of vitamin D.

In fact, we know that the death rate from Covid-19 for those who have a vitamin D level of 34ng/ml is basically zero. Which is to say that if your Vitamin D levels are sufficient, Covid is almost a non-issue.

On social media, people do often discuss this (at least no when these opinions are again acceptable and not censored). Taking a sufficient dose of Vitamin D3 can have a noticeable improvement on reducing ones chances of getting a cold or the flu.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you often hear about people getting the flu shot, and then getting the flu shortly thereafter... This is not to discourage anyone from getting a flu shot, but rather to think about very low-risk options for immune health, especially during the winter months.

In addition to Vitamin D3 (which should always be taken with vitamin K2 & A), we can certainly appreciate Dr. Dennis Walker's approach to a truly safe and effective choice for protecting one's self from respiratory viruses.

We think that we've put together a very effective immune protocol, which contains Vitamin D3/K2/A, Magnesium and Zinc, and Quercetin. Additions like Vitamin C (and many others), are a great way to support the immune system during winter months.