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Health Science

Our newest supplement, Neuro Calm, is now available for purchase on our website. To narrow it down to one sentence.... Neuro Calm has been specifically designed to temporarily promote relaxation, support cognitive health and/or brain function, aid in energy metabolism and in tissue formation.

One of the most inexpensive ways we can protect ourselves from Covid-19 (and other coronaviruses) is to ensure we have sufficient vitamin D levels. 
In an age of health hyper-awareness, society is coming round to the notion of natural interventions to prime our immune system. The past year has brought attention to our vulnerabilities and reminded us of the hidden invaders that can occupy our bodies seemingly undetected.
Life evolved in the sea – a wonderful balanced electrolyte solution of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca++) and magnesium (Mg++) with chlorine (Cl) and sulfate. Although the sea has become saltier (higher concentrations of sodium chloride) than it is thought to have been historically, our bodies still bathe our cells in a very similar solution that quite closely mimics seawater, just with less sodium and chloride.
To understand the role that muscles play in chronic pain, we need to take a trip back in time. Although it’s easy to see how our human world has changed immensely in the last few centuries, our biology is not much different since the time that we inhabited caves. With this is mind we are going to consider the biology of the caveman and how the functions of pain related to their life.
The National Pain Report published the results of theirWomen in Pain Survey in September, 2014. Over 2500 women participated in the survey, which asked a series of questions related to their chronic pain.
It took two billion years of life on earth for our cells to work out a way to produce enough energy to get beyond being small, solo entities whose main goal was to replicate themselves. Energy is the very essence of life; from acquiring energy-providing molecules to breaking them down and harnessing that energy.

While the dairy industry convinced us that we can be cool like the celebrities with milk mustaches if we consume enough milk, the medical community convinced us that if we didn’t consume enough dairy products our bones would melt.

But if some calcium helps our bones to be strong, would getting more calcium help them be even stronger?

What do osteoporosis and heart disease have in common? 

Besides their overwhelming prevalence and debilitating consequences, they are both directly related to calcium status and perhaps more importantly, the vital calcium handling co-ordinator, vitamin K2. 

Where does one get dietary K2? How do we know if we're deficient? Is it worth taking a vitamin K2 supplement?

How did calcium work its way into our general consciousness as beingone of our best friends, a vital mineral that we could never get enough of?
PQQ, originally named methoxatin, was first identified in bacteria in 1979 as a cofactor for a group of enzymes called dehydrogenases. Since then, it has been studied and found to play an important role in human cells. As our understanding of its effects on the body increases, the benefits are increasingly appreciated.
In the previous post“Why Do Muscles Cause Pain?”, we looked at the muscle alert system which sends graded messages to the brain. It alerts the brain when blood flow has stopped and gradually increases the intensity of the message as time passes.

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