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Functional Wellness

The term ‘Trigger Point’ (TrP) may mean different things to different doctors, pain practitioners and patients. I am going to use the term in its true form, albeit with my own thoughts on the mechanism’s fine print.
There are times when our body may choose to interfere with the calcium magnesium balance to improve survival. Since calcium is the “on” switch for cardiac, vascular and skeletal muscle, a move towards calcium dominance will increase the contractility of all of those muscles resulting in more blood being pumped against higher resistance with a higher blood pressure.Skeletal muscles will likely be stronger and more able to react rapidly.
I feel the need to apologize for not posting here in a few weeks. I was ahead of schedule for getting posts out, but my summer ended up being much busier than I had anticipated. Now with summer behind us, and the days getting shorter, it’s back to business.
You’re suffering from chronic pain. It’s not going away. You know you can’t keep living like this. You need help. You seek out a health professional expecting some alleviation from your suffering.
Vegetable oils are better termed industrial seed oils since they’re not made from vegetables and an industrial process is required to extract them. When you hear “vegetable oils”, think industrial seed oils, and understand what that means.

Magnesium lost the celebrity status in medicine that it rightfully deserves when it lost the “Battle of High Blood Pressure” back in the middle of the 20th century. Medical history was written by calcium, the victor, and it’s not pretty. We are all paying for that loss and the cost has been enormous. 

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